Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Pasaras por mi vida sin saber que pasaste. Pasaras en silencio por mi amor, y al pasar, fingire una sonrisa, como un dulce contraste del dolor de quererte, y jamas lo sabrás...

Me voy
No porque tenga miedo de perderte
sino porque mendigo amor donde no existe
Me voy a ir
No porque no quiero estar contigo
sino por la dependencia que genera en mi tu amor
Me iré
No porque no me gustes y me sienta bien
sino por las innumerables decepciones que he tenido
Me debo ir
No porque no seas interezante
sino porque entrego mis espectativas en vano
Me tengo que ir
No porque ofreces mucho
sino porque das tan poco y eres trampa mortal
Me deberia de ir
No porque no tenga a donde ir
sino porque si no lohago me muero
Sería mejor que me vaya
No porque no hay un poco de ilusion en esto
sino porque hay mas decepciòn y desencanto
Me fuí...


Giga said...

The wedding does not necessarily connect two people for a lifetime. Being together with a loved one does not require him. The main thing is to be happy and love and be loved. Regards.

Alexandra said...

You're absolutely right. Thank you for beautiful comments. I wish you all the best

You are the pattern in the weaving of my existence. You are the secret code that unlocks all that is mine. You are the manner in which I dance, flying from cloud to cloud…You are the answer to all my questions, always unexpected, which raises me from one world to another.You are my sailing boat on the ocean of infinite tranquility and bliss. My most beautiful ark. Your soul has no limits, and it is in my eyes that You are endless…
And thus when I am not asking You anything then, in fact, I am asking You; And when I do not see You – I do indeed see you. And when You are silent You are speaking inside of me; and when you are asleep you are awake inside of me.....
You'll never be able to escape from your heart. So, it's better to listen to what it has to say. That way you'll never have to fear an unanticipated blow...

Anton Chekhov, Ivanov

Once I worked hard and thought a lot but I never got tired; now I do nothing and think of nothing, but I'm tired in body and spirit.With a heavy head, with a slothful spirit, exhausted, overstretched, broken, without faith, without love, without a goal, I roam like a shadow among men and I don't know who I am, why I'm alive, what I want. And I now think that love is nonsense, that embraces are cloying, that there's no sense in work, that song and passionate speeches are vulgar and outmoded. And everywhere I take with me depression, chill boredom, dissatisfaction, revulsion from life... I am destroyed, irretrievably!