Friday, 10 July 2015

Belgrade is Belgrade

Nothing describes Belgrade like the three words "Belgrade is Belgrade" , that we utter at the airport after coming home from abroad. 

Belgrade abounds in love, warmth and wonderment; we feel safe here and we are happy to live in this city. If we haven't made much of our lives, it is enough to say that we have managed to live in such a fine place as 
Belgrade - the unfulfilled dream of many provincials...
We measure the world with the simple but essential question which can no one answer. We look the wonders of the world, admire the riches of past centuries, roam through luxury and abundance...
One day we take off our shoes. Looking in beautiful sight, we ask ourselves
"Could you live here"?
Oh what a stupid, beautiful and touching question
Of course, I could live here, this is the most beautiful quart of Belgrade.....

1 comment:

Giga said...

Everywhere it is beautifully, but in their own city will always be the most beautiful. :)