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Friday, 21 November 2014

Belgrade is a low-budget New York

The city is like none other in the Balkan region or even the whole of Europe. At the confluence of two large rivers the city has a character like none other. The city is like the wine that is complex yet elegant, powerful yet up front, bold yet easy-drinking, age-worthy yet matured. It lingers on you for a long time.
The city, which through out the history has been at the crossroads between the west and orient, is located at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers that adds a different charm to the city. One can witness the different era and style of Belgrade at every bank of these rivers, from the typical European style architecture in centre historic town of Zemun to the modern buildings in the New Belgrade. The most recognizable and distinct feature of Belgrade is the floating cafes, river clubs or barges that are spread along the banks of the rivers....
It is a city where you can dance until sunrise seven nights a week, where hospitality crackles in the air, 

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