Wednesday, 28 May 2014

To my friend with a big heart - thank you, because you exist in some part of the world!

Listen to the setting symphony of the sun,
Hear the winds, flowing the melody.

Your love is like a sunset,
wild, bright and true.
The colours blend together,
forming a magical hue.
The day's warm caress
is slipping through the air,
just as though your fingers
would be slipping through my hair.
I sit and watch the sunset,
knowing it soon will end,
thinking of you and
waiting 'til we will be together again.
Slowly now it's going,
coming to a end.
Darkness may be closing in,
but the fun has just begun...
I look up at the sky wondering 
if my soul would fly. The beautiful 
never ending blue sky up there so very high. 
Why could I only fly as I lay down dreaming? 

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